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Going on isn't easy


Ok, I make icons, and I use a LOT of brushes from a LOT of different places lol. For the sake of not having to post the links in EVERY SINGLE post, I've decided to make a credits section. I will update this page whenever I get brushes from a different site.

-100x100 Brushes I don't have a link to all the users in the community, so if you want your link up here personally, please e-mail me. (see below)

I think that'a all for now! If you've think I've used your brushes and haven't credited, e-mail me at pinkpuffball32@hotmail.com so I can properly credit you!


I've also used a lot of screencaps in my icons. I will put your name and link here if I used yours.

-xanimagusblackx For HP screenies
-pavement_cracks For HP screenies
-nomeremuggle For beautiful manips